D. Raymond, "The Devil's Home on Leave" (1984)

But in the night I dreamed that two figures appeared at the foot of my bed in Earlsfield. The one in front was a thickset, middle-aged man, heavy-featured an dressed in a cap and thick grey coat. He made as if to chop at me with his hand. Black matter seeped out of his mouth and nose and he had been dead for years. The figure behind was so evil that one glance was all I could stomach. It was very small, a collection of what looked like old peeled sticks wrapped in a sack; it radiated hell's own malice and groaned to get at me.

F. Tuohy, "The trap" (1965)

Miss Rodzinska was still in the first stage of refugeedom: she thought herself powerful and important through having come from where she did, for having lived the way she had, through those long, hungry winters in which it always seems to be six o’clock on a freezing morning.

She believed the unfortunate could make bullying demands on the fortunate, whoever they were, and was ready to try this out on him.

kind of things

 Александра Каваненко, роман "Грязный Лёд"

Герой приезжает в крупный российский город, вроде как по делам, и - мечется.
Апрель месяц, но город заполнен кучами  окаменевшего льда, покрытого грязью и пылью. В некоторых местах терриконы льда кажутся сросшимися с землей, нечто вроде исландского пейзажа. В промежутках между терриконами - грязный асфальт.

Герой мечется и мечется, а грязный лед все наползает и наползает. Ну, и какая-нибудь канва, над кучами. Какие-нибудь научные изыскания (спорадические подробности, на три-четыре страницы) или  поиски неведомого Кадата в местах слияния Волги и Оки.

Автор не спекулирует на стандартной экзотике, его герой не проводит ночь в "обезъянике" райотдела и не бухает с бомжами.

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